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The Many Coloured Land (Saga of Pliocene Exile)

A very interesting proposition of a one-way time-gate to Earth's Pliocene epoch is the premise of this story.

Humanity has reached the stars and has been welcomed into the Galactic Community at large and it is a new "golden age" for many.  However, even with all the advances and benefits that modern man now has available to him, there are still discontents and malcontents who just do not fit in.   These people take advantage of the time gate to travel to a "simpler" time and a utopia where they can finally fit in.

However, the reality of the situation is very far removed from what they expected as the Pliocene is already inhabited by a group of Aliens who had fled from their home galaxy and are now marooned on Earth.  Complicating this even further is prevalence of Metapsychic powers in use by these aliens (Exotics) and even some of the human time travellers.

Overall a very engaging story with excellent character growth and development.  Throughout the course of the 4 books which make up the Saga of Pliocene Exile, you really come to know, like and care about the characters in the book and also what happens to them.

Books in the Series - 


  1. The Surveillance
  2. The Metaconcert

The Many Coloured Land (Saga of Pliocene Exile):
  1. The Many Coloured Land
  2. The Golden Torc
  3. The Nonborn King
  4. The Adversary   
Galactic Milieu Trilogy
  1. Jack the Bodiless
  2. Diamond Mask
  3. Magnificat
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The Posleen Saga (Legacy of the Aldenata)